Monday, October 28, 2013

Run The Hill Country

Back in May, my darling friend April charmed me into agreeing to run a half marathon with her in October. This feat has only been accomplished once before my by other persuasive friend Lisa. Little did I know that the half marathon that April wished me to run in would be the most difficult run I have ever done in my life. The race was called Run The Hill Country and it was in Marble Falls, TX. I didn't think much of it except that it would probably have nice scenery to look at and maybe some pretty views. A small part of me thought that there may be some inclines, but my brain blocked that out when I was training in flat swampy Houston.

The day of the race arrived on October 20 and it was the coldest morning we had yet to see in the fall of 2013. The temperature was 41 degrees, and we had been training in 90 - 100+ temps over the summer. We picked up our timing chips and ran back to the car to get warm again. Everyone else was doing the same thing and the parking lot looked like a drive in movie with all of those steamy windows. ;)
Jill, April, Kelly pre-race

The start and finish line was in the Marble Falls High School Stadium, which was kinda fun. There were ~500 participants in this race for the Half Marathon, Full Marathon and 10K.

Elevation map for full marathon. We turned around at 6.5 miles for the half marathon.

13.1 miles and 8 uphills later, we crossed the finish like just over 2 hours and 31 minutes!
We survived!

Glad to finally get our medals!

Thanks a bunch to mom and dad for making the trek with us to Marble Falls at 5am!

April, I love you, but I will not be running another half marathon if I can help it. ;)

Friday, October 11, 2013


What happens when 2 artsy hipsters get married? The coolest wedding ever.

Matt and Robin tied the knot on 9/28/13 and then headed to Hawaii. 

Here are a few shots I captured from their big day.

Me and my love

Mom and Dad lookin snazzy

Robin's dress was so flattering and her necklace was an awesome pop of color

Cake time!

They were so nice and didn't make any mess. Shame.
My goofy love