Thursday, November 18, 2010


Jacob and I have seen our friend (and by friend, I mean arch nemesis) Pinstripe many times in our yard. Yesterday, I found one if Pinstripe's babies, which was 1.5 feet long and very skinny, in our front flowerbed under a bush. Of course Jacob, being the wonderful husband that he is, offered to kill it. The brave soul picked up a rock and threw it at the snake's body in short range. Surprisingly, since the snake was so thin, he hit it and it actually died! I sang his praises and asked him to get rid of it. Later I walked outside and his idea of getting rid of it was putting it in the middle of the walkway. That would just not do since 2 of my girlfriends were coming over in an hour. He reluctantly moved it into the yard, although not sure what he planned to do with it in the coming days. Not to worry, the body/evidence had disappeared overnight...

Monday, November 8, 2010

Close call

Last night I was driving home on highway 71 after dark (~6:30 with Daylight savings time) going 70mph. This is a normal occurrence since I travel a lot. The strangest things I have seen in the middle of the road during my travels up to this point in my life are a wheelbarrow and a wild pig. The wheelbarrow was really scary since we had to swerve and almost hit other cars going 70mph on a busy highway in San Antonio. The wild pig ran across the road on my drive to College Station from Austin and I caught a glimpse of its hoof and tail. Yesterday I saw the craziest thing I've ever seen and hope to ever see walking across a busy highway. A full size horse. It did not have a saddle or a rider. It was just taking a stroll across Hwy 71 in the dark. Luckily I saw it before I was upon it and it was to my left walking to the right. I was able to miss it and tap my brakes to warn the folks behind me. I hope my warning helped. The car behind me had to swerve off the road to miss the horse and it landed in a grassy median/ditch. One of its headlights went out and then it put on its flashers. I assumed they were OK since they put their flashers on and other cars that slammed on their brakes were near them. A horse through the windshield is not something anyone is prepared for. Thank you Lord for keeping us all safe. From my brief look at the horse, this is what I think it resembled (without the saddle).

Friday, November 5, 2010

More Decor

Last night I added some new decor to my Jill Cave. I think I got this idea from, which is a website that I am now in love with. It is a place where regular Janes from all over the world can sell their wares. I've never bought anything from this site, but I've stolen many ideas from it. Hee hee.

The fabric is from the store in Dallas I was telling you about yesterday. It's called City Craft and it's at Lovers and Inwood. My fav is the one on the far right. It has different little owls on it. I'm in an owl phase, what can I say?

Kallie really likes the new floor protector under the rolly chair. She is also a big fan of the Jill Cave.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Finally a Jill Cave update!

I know that you have been totally bored, twiddling your thumbs, anxiously awaiting a new blog post to A Bean's Life. I deeply apologize for keeping you in suspense. I know you live to read my blog. ;)

Well here are some pictures of the bookshelf Jacob and I put together and modified for the Jill Cave. The shelf is from Ikea, solid wood surprisingly. I found the awesome fabric that lines the inside at a cute fabric shop in Dallas. I totally wish there was a shop like that in Houston. Maybe there is...anyone know of one? The fabric has deer camouflaged in it, if you can't tell, which is just perfect but not intended. We stretched it around the backing and then just nailed the back on. I am very pleased with the result. :)

My next project in the Jill Cave has yet to be completed. Rest assured that when it is, pictures will be posted.