Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Finally a Jill Cave update!

I know that you have been totally bored, twiddling your thumbs, anxiously awaiting a new blog post to A Bean's Life. I deeply apologize for keeping you in suspense. I know you live to read my blog. ;)

Well here are some pictures of the bookshelf Jacob and I put together and modified for the Jill Cave. The shelf is from Ikea, solid wood surprisingly. I found the awesome fabric that lines the inside at a cute fabric shop in Dallas. I totally wish there was a shop like that in Houston. Maybe there is...anyone know of one? The fabric has deer camouflaged in it, if you can't tell, which is just perfect but not intended. We stretched it around the backing and then just nailed the back on. I am very pleased with the result. :)

My next project in the Jill Cave has yet to be completed. Rest assured that when it is, pictures will be posted.

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  1. Where is the fabric store in Dallas? I need some fabric and am tired of going to Hancock's.