Thursday, November 18, 2010


Jacob and I have seen our friend (and by friend, I mean arch nemesis) Pinstripe many times in our yard. Yesterday, I found one if Pinstripe's babies, which was 1.5 feet long and very skinny, in our front flowerbed under a bush. Of course Jacob, being the wonderful husband that he is, offered to kill it. The brave soul picked up a rock and threw it at the snake's body in short range. Surprisingly, since the snake was so thin, he hit it and it actually died! I sang his praises and asked him to get rid of it. Later I walked outside and his idea of getting rid of it was putting it in the middle of the walkway. That would just not do since 2 of my girlfriends were coming over in an hour. He reluctantly moved it into the yard, although not sure what he planned to do with it in the coming days. Not to worry, the body/evidence had disappeared overnight...

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