Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Long Awaited, Highly Anticipated Chair Upholstery Blog

 In the beginning, there was an old chair. She was stained, dirty, smelly and in need of some love.
She needed an extreme chair makeover so that is exactly what she got.
The surgery begins...
Her springs were in decent shape so only a little TLC was needed there.
Her button tufts were very high quality, but not repeatable for a newbie like me.
And then she was naked.
Just having a new kooshy seat made her spirits soar!
Her back was a painstakingly slow sewing job.
She was so excited to have a comfy back!
Oh my, we are coming along quite nicely.
Wow, I have a nice profile, she said.
Check out the rear view ;)
Hot mama.
And she smiled.

                     So sad.                                                                                                                          Hip Hip Hooray!!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Pillow Got Friends!

Pillow found himself some friends!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Envelope Pillow Cover

I bought these cheapo red pillows from Walmart when we got our couch over a year ago since I didn't have a color scheme in the living room as of yet. We have since added a multi-colored rug and faux roman shades to give the room some color. Those are made up of brown, blue, green and ivory. The red pillows were clashing big time.
Cheapo red pillow
I found a tutorial from Teal and Lime on how to make envelope pillow covers. It turned out to be really simple and quick. I got the fabric at Joann's for 40% off, but it's still upholstery grade fabric so not cheap. Well, not cheap by my standards. Full price is $40/yd. With the discount, the fabric was $12.50 for 5/8 yds. This is 1 pillow's worth of fabric. Considering that a new pillow is at least $15, I think that this project was definitely worth it.
Front of freshly covered pillow
Back of pillow, envelope closure

 The new pillow looks so lonely. I need to go back and get more fabric to make a cover for the second pillow.
I should probably get more pillows while I'm at it. ;)
Aaahh much better. New pillow needs some friends!