Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Long Awaited, Highly Anticipated Chair Upholstery Blog

 In the beginning, there was an old chair. She was stained, dirty, smelly and in need of some love.
She needed an extreme chair makeover so that is exactly what she got.
The surgery begins...
Her springs were in decent shape so only a little TLC was needed there.
Her button tufts were very high quality, but not repeatable for a newbie like me.
And then she was naked.
Just having a new kooshy seat made her spirits soar!
Her back was a painstakingly slow sewing job.
She was so excited to have a comfy back!
Oh my, we are coming along quite nicely.
Wow, I have a nice profile, she said.
Check out the rear view ;)
Hot mama.
And she smiled.

                     So sad.                                                                                                                          Hip Hip Hooray!!


  1. I totally want to do something like this one day! It looks GREAT!!!