Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What I've been up to

Sorry to disappoint, but I haven't taken any pictures lately. My birthday was a few weeks ago so we went out to dinner Friday and had some friends over for a cookout Sunday, but there is no photo evidence. I planted some dwarf reddish orange plants. I don't know their name and I didn't take any pictures. My daisies are blooming like crazy, but you wouldn't believe me, because there are no pictures. I also planted jalapeno, cilantro and onions and they are sprouting, but I have no proof to show you. We bought a rug for the living room that is brown with a paisley-like design on it. It matches the couch nicely and I can now sit on the floor and use the coffee table! I also made Jacob some pillows and arm covers for his man cave. Last week I shaved Kallie. Okay, maybe i should take some pics for my next post. Challenge accepted.

I am really loving the spring weather and daylight savings time!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Our Honeymoon

Better late than never right? Well, I just got these pics off of Jacob's hard drive so that's my excuse.

Hello Los Cabos!

View from our room.

The waves were massive. The undertoe was grabbing people and sucking them into the ocean. The pics don't do these waves justice. They were HUGE! Please ignore the strange man.

Does anything look odd in this picture to you? It's not what you think.

Strange man running away from the waves.

This was our last meal of the trip at the hotel. We were burnt and itchy and ready to go home. Can you tell?