Wednesday, October 12, 2011

China Cabinet Makeover

I got this perfect china cabinet from a co-worker with the intent of giving it new life. It needed some major help.
I decided to paint it and distress it at first. The distressing didn't turn out as planned so I just painted the whole darn thing a grayish-white color and left it that way. I painted the inside gray and later painted some of the trim gray too. Spray paint was perfect for revitalizing the knobs and pulls. Wishing I had a better camera to do this piece justice right about now. Forgive the cell phone pics.

I actually ended up removing the glass doors because they were warped and didn't close. Now it is open and in need of some shelves. Those will be coming soon!! Finished product pics, hopefully with better camera, are on the way.


  1. This is great! I have been waiting to do something like this! What do you want to use it for? Such a gorgeous piece of furniture! Great job Jill!

  2. I'm going to put dishes, placemats, cookbooks and stuff in it. I need to get the shelves soon!