Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Missin my honey

Well I am missing Jacob, but he'll be back before I know it. This is his ride out to the rig off the coast of Namibia, Africa. He's now sailing around the coastline of Brazil with a destination of Trinidad. They'll make a short stop there and then head to Curacao. Hopefully he'll get some play time in both of those beautiful destinations.

I was a busy lady last Saturday! I think I sweat enough to fill two wheelbarrows. OK that makes me sound gross, but it was so HOT! First thing Saturday morning, I mowed the lawn. Next, I began digging a hole to plant this beautiful avacado tree that Vishal and Poonam gave me. It's doing so well. :)

Next, I dug up two shrubs in the front yard that I wanted to move. Here's one of them that I moved to the backyard to hide the electrical box. Digging this hole was a monster. My poor little sharp shooter and shovel almost bit the dust. This was the last thing I did on Saturday and I almost passed out from heat exhaustion multiple times. There were many water and Gatorade breaks that day.

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