Tuesday, March 2, 2010


So this is one of the funnest things about getting married, but I feel like I have no time to think about it! Maybe once the house is finished and Jacob returns from the ocean we'll be able to narrow down our honeymoon choices. Since it's hurricane season, we'd like to stay away from any place that borders the Gulf. That throws out Mexico, Gulf Shores Alabama, Disney World, any Florida destination, and the Carribean. Boo!! I'd love to go to an all-inclusive resort so we don't have to worry about money while we're there, but the best all-inclusives are in Mexico. We also don't want to travel too far, b/c that gets pricey. My parents have graciously offered to pay for the honeymoon so we'd like to keep it reasonable. Aruba seems like a great option b/c it's hurricane-free, but it's very expensive and kind of a long flight. Any suggestions?? We're looking for all-inclusive with yummy food mainly :)

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  1. Wow. We are going through the exact same thing! Want all-inclusive, 'hurricane-free' resort. I think there are some all-inclusive resorts in Aruba, but I haven't looked at the cost. I'll let you know if I come across something helpful :)