Thursday, April 15, 2010

2, 4, and 8 legged friends

Michellie came to visit last weekend and we had such a good time! We tried on dresses and bought the dresses you see here, but in my color, Apple. The one I'm wearing is for Lisa.

We then went to see The Last Song, which was a tear-jerker. Let me just say, I'm glad I wasn't wearing mascara.

We had lunch at Another Time Soda Fountain in Richmond, which had awesome shakes! I can't say much for the food, but the shakes were delish.

After lunch, we went home and took a nap. Really, we did and it was great. Then we played tennis in my neighborhood, which was great too. Dinner was a Michelle and Jill culinary specialty of shrimp alfredo. It was marvelous.

Sunday we went to The Bridge and heard an awesome sermon from Kenny about prophesy and what's going on in our world now. Earthquakes, famine...sound familiar? Have you heard about any earthquakes recently? Let me think...yes. Our time here is so short so it really reminded me to make the most of it and love as big as possible!

Michellie went back to Austin after lunch and then I found this guy in my kitchen. Yep.

The Helber's came over later to pick up their dog, Sugar, who I was babysitting for the weekend. I was sad to have her leave, but she was glad to see her parents. I may be a little bit of a dog person after all...

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