Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Meet Paxton Ace

Welcome Paxton! This is the newest member of Jacob's extended family. I guess he's considered Jacob's 2nd cousin. He's really cute. Jake was holding him and Pax spit up a little and Jake said "I'm done." and handed him back to me.
Jacob is in Singapore for the remainder of April. He returns to Houston on May 6 at 5:43am, which is funny because I leave for China on May 6 at 6am. We will be in the same airport, but I'll board the plane by the time he lands. Maybe his flight will come in early and mine will be delayed. I can hope, right?

He said everyone speaks English and there are a lot of white and Indian people there. There's a Burger King across from his apartment so I think he'll be fine.

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