Thursday, January 21, 2010

Do you have tickets?

To the gun show? You may need them b/c I have now worked out for 2 days straight! It feels so good to get back in a workout routine. Let's just hope that I don't become a lazy bum and break the routine, like I have been for the past 3 months. I think the working out really has increased my endorphin level. Even with only 2 days under my belt, I feel better when I wake up and have a lot of energy even before I go to bed!

After my workout on Tuesday, I felt so good! I went straight to Second Mile Mission for volunteering and had a blast. We had a small group so it was really fun to talk with everyone and just have a low-key evening. On the way home, I was filled with so much joy it was incredible. God is so sweet to reward me for my working out efforts with additional joy. Thank you Lord!

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