Friday, January 15, 2010

So I was watching the news...

Last night my eyes were glued to the TV on two different occasions. The first, was a report covering the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti. They said it was a 7.0 quake and you could see that the destruction was so incredibly dense. The search and rescue mission will likely end tomorrow since people mostly do not survive past 3-4 days of being trapped without food or water. They were recommending that survivors drink their own urine to stay hydrated. Everyone please pray for the Haiti survivors as well as all of the brave rescuers and world relief/aid volunteers.

This morning I saw a couple on the news that are in the process of adopting a little girl from an orphanage in Haiti. She was missing, but one of the reporters went looking for her and found her along with all of the other children from the orphanage. This couple sounds really amazing. I think they're from Indiana and 5 couples in their town from their church are adopting kids from that orphanage. All of the children will be in the same community in the states and attend the same church so they will be able to stay together. Isn't that so cool??

The second thing I watched last night was the Texas Debate. I know that these two shows are pretty uncharacteristic for me to watch, but I guess I'm getting more mature. Don't know how else to explain it. The debate was between all of the people running for Governor of Texas: Rick Perry, Kay Bailey Hutchison, and Debra Medina. It was pretty funny actually to watch grown politicians arguing like siblings. I also just read an article that Medina will not be allowed to participate in a debate in Dallas Jan. 29 since she does not meet the sponsor's criteria to be included in the debate (aka they don't like her). You can read about it for yourself here:


  1. thanks for the heartwarming story and keeping me up to date with some current events.

    ... but how are the recommending survivors drink their own urine? i mean how would they hear to do this? can they communicate with those trapped but just haven't reached them yet?

  2. Yes, some of them can talk to people on the outside but the rescuers just can't reach them without heavy machinery to free them. But some of them will probably not be found :(