Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Who cut the cheese?

Last night Katie and I did a little bit of shopping and I found some great deals at Marshall's. We went to the Marshall's in First Colony since our bfs probably wouldn't like us going to the scary one by our apt. I found some Madden Girl brown open toe shoes for $15! We had just come from DSW, a few shops down, where the same shoes were selling for $40. Heck of a deal!

I'd also been looking for a cheese slicer since I have broken 2 knives in the past year cutting blocks of cheese. Laugh all you want. Yes, I cut cheese. I almost got one at HEB the other night for $5, but I decided it was a hunk-o-junk. It was entirely plastic except for the wire to slice and looked like it would break in my hand. Instead, I found one at Marshall's for $2 that is an actual brand and looks decently sturdy. Then I saw a squeegee for the shower in my new house for $1.99. I think it's normally $5 or something. Saving $$ all over the place! Here is a beautiful assortment of cheeses for your viewing pleasure ;p

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