Thursday, January 14, 2010

I'll take another piece of that pie

Well folks, I finally caved. Here I am laying my life open for your viewing pleasure. Welcome to the life of a bean. To explain the title of the blog a tad, Katie calls me Beans. I think she called me Jilly Bean, Jill Beans and eventually just Beans. Now you know.

My first entry is the result of my attempt at making Ice Cream pie and caramel sauce, recipe provided by the Pioneer Woman. If you've never heard of her, you must must check her out: New recipes daily and detailed instructions including full sized pictures!

The crust was delicious, but my little old mixer didn't quite cut it whipping the egg whites. One day I dream to have a fancy mixer with a whisk attachment :) I used strawberry and vanilla bean for the 2 ice cream layers. The caramel sauce was such a great addition. Next time I think I'll try some triple chocolate flavor and vanilla bean. Mmmmm!!


  1. i love vanilla bean... something about seeing those black specks makes it feel all fancy

  2. This post is a perfect start since your nickname is jilly bean pies :)